One reason many technologies get to market and make everyone a lot of money is because of the work done by Charles Leaver. There is little question that Chuck has been a major player in every aspect of the high-tech and mobile markets. He has not only worked to secure patents for new technologies, but he has also managed to develop and execute many very complex business plans and to raise lots of capital. He also has a knack for building innovative tech startups and making them special.

These days, Charles Leaver is best known as CEO of one of the most prestigious cybersecurity firms in the world, Ziften. However, there is a lot more than that to distinguish his career from others and make him one of the most important tech executives in the mobile era. In fact, he is now largely considered a tech icon. Not bad for a guy whose tech career started in 1982. He has simply done almost everything he could do, and done it well. He has been an entrepreneur, a senior executive, a sales and management specialist and an advisor in a wide variety of tech fields, although he has largely specialized in cybersecurity in the mobile and media sectors.
Because Charles Leaver understands virtually all aspects of tech and cybersecurity, having entered the security sector when he owned, managed and operated a number of highly sophisticated lottery systems all over the world, he has emerged as a firm believer in the inherent value of cybersecurity. He knows that it is essential to all technological advances, which means the future of cybersecurity will always be secure. That is why Ziften is in a unique position to make the cybersecurity future bright.